One step inside and
You'll enter an amazingly
invigorating space

Ginza's popular private-room sauna Kudochi is continuing to grow and opening its second location in Roppongi. Please enjoy this exquisite and invigorating space where even the smallest detail has been carefully considered.

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  • All rooms are completely private

    All rooms are completely private so that guests can enjoy the space to their heart's content. Each room has a different concept, and is carefully designed to provide you with a personalized relaxation experience.

  • Customizable to your own taste

    Customize the sound, light, scent, and temperature as you wish. Rediscover your own ideal "space" that you have never noticed before. Enjoy the pleasure of "exploring your inner self".

  • All rooms are equipped with a cold water bath

    You have the water bath in your private room all to yourself without being bothered by your surroundings. You can set the water temperature to your own preference.

  • QR Code Unlocking

    Unattended reception is available for non-contact, non-face-to-face use. Simply hold over a QR code to open the door for a stress-free and smooth operation.

  • Open 24 hours a day

    Available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, after work, on holidays, late at night, early in the morning, and so on.

Features Exclusive to the Roppongi Location

  • MenandWomen
    Shared Saunas Available

    This is one of the few private-room saunas in Tokyo that can be used by both men and women. Also, the Roppongi location is spacious enough so that all rooms can hold over 4 people. It's a great way for families and couples to enjoy time together.

  • Automatic Aufguss Available in All Rooms

    All rooms are equipped with an automatic Aufguss system.
    Press the Kudochi Fire button and a gust of wind rushes in,
    allowing you to feel a refreshing comfort that's a little different from the norm.

  • Karaoke Included

    Full karaoke equipment is installed and soundproofing measures have been taken so it can be enjoyed without worrying about others around you.


  • Hot Baths

    Alternating between a hot bath and a cold bath has a more invigorating effect.


  • Cold Bath Where You Can Move Underwater

    Experience of first-of-its-kind attempt in Japan where you can move underwater from inside the sauna to an outside cold bath.



We offer 4 rooms, each with its own unique concept.

Amenities cleansing, facial wash, facial lotion, shampoo, hair treatment, body soap, hairbrush
Equipment / Faculties poncho, bath towel, face towel, hair dryer, hair iron

Standard Room

  • Geometric patterns with mysterious meanings since ancient times are arranged in a modern style and scattered all around this room. This exotic space will make the sauna experience even more memorable.

    Sauna with a Cold Bath

    Size 25.4m² (273ft²)
    Water Temperature Approx. 16-18°C (61-65°F)
    Sauna Temperature Adjustable up to 110°C (230°F)
  • A breathtaking room inspired by the Thai Lantern Festival. Enjoy the sauna experience in a whole new way with the soft light gently shining down. You can also move from inside the sauna to an outdoor cold bath by moving underwater for an invigorating sensation outside the norm.

    Cold Bath Where You Can Move Underwater

    Size 21.9m² (236ft²)
    Water Temperature Approx. 16-18°C (61-65°F)
    Sauna Temperature Adjustable up to 110°C (230°F)

VIP Room

  • A beautiful and elegant room resembling a palace. The flowing curves, lighting, and acrylic bathtub are photogenic while also providing a full-fledged sauna experience.

    Full Soundproof Karaoke

    Size 29.8m² (321ft²)
    Water Temperature Approx. 13-15°C (55-59°C)
    Sauna Temperature Adjustable up to 110°C (230°F)
  • As soon as you step into this VIP room, a different world spreads out before you. The sauna is decorated with wave-inspired lights and designed to lie down comfortably in while feeling like you're at the bottom of the ocean. This mysterious space includes reclining chairs and a rotating circular sofa so you can lose track of time while relaxing.

    Hot Bath

    Size 30.9m² (333ft²)
    Water Temperature Approx. 16-18°C (61-65°F)
    Sauna Temperature Adjustable up to 110℃ (230°F)


Free of charge up to the maximum capacity.


  • Membership Signup

    First, please register as a new member on the reservation site.

  • Reservation

    Please select the date, time, and room you wish to reserve, and pay in advance by credit card.

  • Entering the store

    Entering the room 5 minutes prior to the appointment date and time Door is unlocked with the special QR code

  • Exiting the store

    You can freely leave at your own time.


What time can I enter the room?
"You can enter the room 5 minutes prior to your appointment time. There is no waiting area, so please arrive just before your appointment.
How do I leave the store?
Check-out is not required. Please leave before the scheduled end time by yourself. Our staff may ask you to leave if you are using the room after the scheduled end time.
Do you sell beverages?
We have an automated vending machine, and you can pay by scanning the QR code.
I am worried about using the facility without staff members.
If you encounter any difficulties, please call to the staff contact number posted at the entrance.
Can you issue a receipt?
Yes, we can issue a receipt, just contact us via LINE and let us know that you want one.
Can I make consecutive reservations for a longer period of time?
If there is vacancy, you can reserve two or more consecutive periods.
There is an interval of one hour for cleaning, but if you make consecutive reservations, you can use that one hour continuously.
May I bring my own food and beverages into the facility?
Yes, you may. You are free to bring your own food and beverages.
What happens if I am late?
You can use the room without any problem, but the end time will remain the same, so your available time will be shortened. Please be careful.
I can't make it on the day. Can I cancel?
Cancellation on the day of use is not possible. Please understand that no refunds will be made even if you do not show up and use the room.
Do I need to make a reservation?
Yes, reservations are required in advance. Please check the room availability schedule and make a reservation through the reservation website. Please note that you cannot use the room if you come directly to the store without reservation.
Can I change or cancel my reservation?
You can check the status of your reservation and make changes on My Page. Cancellation is free of charge up to 24 hours prior to the start date and time. Please note that cancellations are not possible after that time.※Please contact us via LINE if you want to receive a refund.
When can I start making reservations?
The reservation schedule will be released twice a month, from the 1st to the 15th and from the 16th to the end of the month. We plan to start reservations about 2 weeks before each period.
Can males and females use the room together?
At Roppongi sotre, male and female can share the same room.
Can I rent a bathing suit?
At the Roppongi store, you can rent both men's and women's bathing suits for 500 yen per piece.
What should I do if I forget something?
Please contact us via LINE. We keep them for one week.
Do you have gift cards?
Gift certificates are available at KUDOCHI sauna Online Shop. You can choose from mail, or digital tickets. To purchase a gift certificate, please click here.


KUDOCHI sauna Roppongi

Tokyo, Minato-ku, Roppongi 7-14-1
Hoshou Roppongi Social Building B1F

The highest quality of invigoration in a fine space.
Fully Private Luxury Sauna KUDOCHI

The highest quality of invigoration in a fine space.
Fully Private Luxury Sauna KUDOCHI